Demons, satyrs and other beings

Bolshoy Prospect V.O., 57
This satyr is such as he must be: horns, a beard, a laughing snout and grapes on the background.

Sadovaya Ulitsa, 23
It seems to be a demon rather than a satyr. But in any case his expectancies are not too friendly we want to notice.

Ruzovskaya Ulitsa, 31
Again this creature seems to be a demon rather than a satyr, but now it is both insidious and malicious.

The Egipetsky bridge
If you've got acquainted with the ancient Egyptian and Greek mythology you know that a sphinx is a aggressive and dangerous creature. Though she looks nice don't forget about it.

Zagorodny Prospect, 66
The row of ancient Greek theatre masks decorating the building contains this bas-relief of a sinister demon.

Izmaylovsky Prospect, 16
Looking at this gloomy building we cannot help likening it to a gothic castle or temple. If it is we can suppose that the house is decorated with some evil creatures. Indeed, you can view three heads of demons there. Also the coat of arms with a gryphon can be seen.


Ulitsa Kuibysheva, 19
Some kind of a wood-goblin ("leshy" in Russian). There is a row of such laughing creatures on the front of the house.

Lakhtinsaya Ulitsa, 24
That is a very interesting composition of two demons. The left picture represents a cunning winged demon with the typical appearance, and it is a rather rare image for the decoration. The bird (something like a raven) in the right picture looks too sombre and mystical for a usual bird. Also it seems to be clothed so it was placed among other demons. The general view of two reliefs suggests an idea that both demons are connected somehow.

Nevsky Prospect, 72
The birds from this building have found a strange companion. A real demon, though it's damaged a little.

Sredny Prospect V.O., 33
This satyr looks a bit wistful and that isn't too typical for the creatures of his kin. There is a pair of them under the balcony.

Sadovaya Ulitsa, 55-57
The architectural style of this building being compared to that in Izmaylovsky Prospect, 16 have a less resemblance to Gothicism, nevertheless the house presents a much richer collection of demons. The upper left and right ones are situated on the street wall of the building. It could be said that the latter was not a demon but a monkey. But we are sure it is too grotesque for a usual animal and it has something spiteful in its appearance. The same can be said about that demonic owl on the front tower of the house showed in the middle left picture. The other three pictures were taken in the inner yard of this building. The demon whose wings look like those of a bat (there is a whole row of them) is presented in the middle right photo. The lower left picture shows a sitting demon while the lower right one shows the head of a demon. Also you can see the gryphons on this rich in different personages building. Don't ignore it when you find yourself in Sadovaya Ulitsa. But be cautious...

Lermontovsky Prospect, 50
Just another typical Satyr. An interesting detail is the disposition of his horns: they look as if they grew from the same place.

9 Liniya V.O., 18
It looks like a dead warrior, but of course it can be some other mythical character. Anyway, it is an interesting and unusual decoration.

Shpalernaya Ulitsa, 5
One of two demons like bats who guard the entrance. Though they are rather funny than terrible.

Ulitsa Vosstaniya, 24
A demon with the snout. Another demonic representative who creates evil laughing.

Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya
One of two famous sphinxes near the Lieutenant Schmidt's bridge on Vasilyevsky Island. These sculptures are the genuine ones from Thebes (from the Themple of Amenthotep III in Luxor to be exact) and date back to the 15th century B.C. The sphinxes are damaged a little but it does not detract from their majesty.

Ligovsky Prospect, 121
This woman is much more dangerous than a sphinx. Her name is Gorgon. Of course, she is not so horrible as she should be.

Ulitsa Lenina, 32 (left)
Kamennoostrovsky Prospect, 12 (right)

These strange muzzles (of course they are in rows) are made in the same manner but differ in their emotions. The left one looks gloomier with its piggish nose.

Ulitsa Lomonosova, 11
Another head with snakes, this time a male one and having nothing common to evil characters. It seems to be a collective symbolical image.

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