These pages are devoted to our city Saint Petersburg. Be sure they are not advertisements of travel agencies or a tourist guide-book. We just show our visitors some aspects and sides of the city which may escape common notice but which are very outstanding. We believe all these bas-reliefs, high reliefs, sculptures, etc. you can see here are the embodiment of the madness and dark mystery of the place where the city is situated, even if you consider them to be usual. And you won't find any historical or architectural analysis here, it wasn't our task. Have a nice viewing.

Demons, satyrs and other beings

Beware! Not only human beings can be possessed by demons, but the whole cities too. Welcome to the City-Legion! Jesus asked him, "What is your name?" He said, "Legion," for many demons had entered into him. (Luke 8:30) But no Jesus can exorcize them from Petersburg even if it is "saint". Also satyrs and some other malicious creatures are available for being seen here.

Animals - usual and mythical

To meet an animal is not so dangerous as to be attacked by a demon, but you can never say how predators and especially mythical animals will behave. They may want not to eat your flesh but suck your soul. So it is better for you to be quiet and try not to attract their attention. Just look at them.


It is nothing surprising that some walls and fences of the city are embellished with this ancient sacral symbol. Be sure those are not graffiti drawn by young vandals or political extremists. Both right- and left-side swastikas can be met and they are not four-pointed only.

Solomon's seal

Another ancient sacral symbol - yes, Solomon's seals (David's or Jew stars as people call them usually, it is also called Magen Dawid, i. e. the "shield of David") can also be viewed here and of course we don't mean synagogues.

Other symbols

There are other symbols decorating the city's buildings and fences. Some of them are old as the world and have a sacral sense. Sometimes they seem to be strangers on these walls but we are sure they have not lost their power.

Socialistic realism

It would be a mistake to omit the historical period of socialistic realism in the architecture of Saint Petersburg. Also some of these symbols are very interesting and look rather aesthetic. They may have some hidden sense but without any doubts they symbolize a great epoch of Russia and the city.