Socialistic realism

Sadovaya Ulitsa, 53
This bas-relief represents a true socialistic industrial symbol: a pinion and a hammer. LAIBACH rules!

Kamennoostrovsky Prospect, 47
A Soviet five-pointed star on the front of a dwelling house. It is a widespread ornament for the Stalin's epoch.

Ulitsa Pestelya, 1
This head of the soldier apparently has decorated the building since the Stalin epoch only, as the building seems to be very old. We think it was damaged during the World War II and then restored. These sheafs of ears on each side of the head symbolize the peaceful life.

Suvorovsky Prospect, 61
This high relief is militarist fully, the building itself is the representative of so called "Stalin's classicism" style.

Bolshaya Podyacheskaya Ulitsa, 36
A well-known Soviet "hammer and sickle" emblem. But it is sure that something was replaced by it in the Soviet times. All the decoration of the building including two warriors and the eagle talks about that.

Kamennoostrovsky Prospect, 25
Another Soviet star, this time a pathetic dove of peace accompanies it both from left and right. The house itself is built in so called Stalin classicism style.

Ulitsa Lomonosova, 1
The full bag of tools for a good worker: a hammer, pneumatic chipper, slide gauge and nippers. Work awaits, comrade.

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Socialistic realism
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