Well, if desired you can find a smaaall swastika in the center of the brickwork. The Palace Hotel is situated in this building - Raadhuspladsen 57.

This is a classic example of the building with rows of swastikas between storeys. You can see swastika all around the perimeter of the building: here, here and here. Østergade 18-4.

Yeah, the Star of David. While some kind of the Maltese cross can be seen above one of the entrances. The Hotel Sømandshjemmet Bethel is situated in this building - Nyhavn 22.

Well, the following are photos of Carlsberg Brewery and Headquarters. We don't supply them with the detailed description, otherwise it would be a field guide which isn't our purpose. We only turn your attention to the fact, that the founder of New Carlsberg Carl Jacobsen registered a swastika as his trademark in 1881... Location: Ny Carlsberg Vej (except specially mentioned).

The Dipylon or Double Gate (Diptylon or Dobbeltporten). View also: the row of swastikas and the general view of the gate.

The reverse of the Dipylon Gate. View also the general view of the bell tower.

The sculpture "Thor's battle against the giants" on the roof of the Brewhouse (Bryghuset). View also the general view.

The Elephant Gate (Elefantporten). View also: the view from the other side and the general view.

The Elephant Tower (Elefanttårnet). View also: the general view, another general view and yet one.

The Grey House (Det Grå Hus). View also: "Semper Ardens" enter (Semper Ardens meaning Forever Burning), some bas-reliefs with swastikas on the front of the building - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, also the swastika on the abutting end of the building.

"The tower" of the Grey House. View also: the general view and another general view.

New Carlsberg Main Building (Ny Carlsberg Hovedbygning), located at Valby Langgade 1. View also: the general view of the building, the gate, the pillar of the gate and the view of both swastikas.

Carlsberg Museum, located at Valby Langgade 1. View also: the general view of the enter to the museum, the full view of the fretwork, the window (also deataled view) and the doors.

The following are photos from Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek which is located at Dantes Plads 7 (view the front and the back of the building). Yes, here you can find one of 28 original castings of The Thinker by Auguste Rodin...

View the general view of the window.

View the general view of the bench.

View also: other perspective of the column (with a lion), the general view of the wicket door and the general view of the gate.

View also the general view of the gate.

View also the view of the swastika's row and the general view of the building. This one is situated near the famous Round Tower (Rundetårn) - another view. Købmagergade 49.

Another Carlsberg's legacy: the Jesus Church (Jesuskirken). This building was commissioned by second-generation Carlsberg brewer Carl Jacobsen and designed by Danish architect Vilhelm Dahlerup. The church was built in 1884-1895 as the mausoleum for Carl Jacobsen and his family. Located in the Valby district at Kirkevænget 5b..

The Star of David is centered on the rose window, by the way the largest of its kind in Denmark.

So called "floral swastika" on the capital of the column. There are two heavy granite columns in the facade of the church.

Swastikas on the campanile are usual ones, they are both right- and left-sided. The brick ornament is placed along the perimeter of the bell-tower.

This pentagram represents so called "Brewer Star", a favoured Carlsberg Breweries' symbol. And a swastika is the Carlsberg's trademark as you may know. View the full composition at the rear southern side of the church which includes (except a pentagram and swastikas) two columns, a bronze sculpture of the Good Shepherd and the heads of the Green Man and the Horned God (below).

Again a gable-window with the Star of David. And a weather cap with... indeed, how many swastikas can you discern here? This is one of the buildings situated around the Jesus Church. Kirkevænget 11.



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